Stensborg supplies customers with proprietary polymer foil imprinting plates for super easy mounting as well as UV laquers optimized for either slot coating, flexo or ink jet.

Printing plates

Stensborg supplies polymer foil imprinting plates made directly from your master template, resist, wafer or nickel.

UV casting laquers

Stensborg offers the following imprint laquers in production volumes:

  • X29, our workhorse lacquer for flexo based imprinting
  • X42, for ink jet printing
  • X32, for slot coating

Standard commercial UV-curable lacquers do not work. Our laquers are specially formulated for ultra-high-resolution, high speed imprinting using the HoloPrint® process. If you have a special requirement, we can produce custom laquer formulations to yield attributes such as visible light curing or high refractive index.