The most cost-efficient holographic printing technology commercially available today


The most cost-efficient holographic printing technology commercially available today

Can you benefit from a Holoprint-solution?

The Holoprint technology is a good investment for the future if your clients often require holograms and other imprinted optical verification devices to authenticate product packaging or security documents. Holoprint can make your market larger and present your existing clients with new possibilities.


Holoprint is developed to function on your printing machine just as an additional printing unit like for example a digital printing station. We have already installed Holoprint units on printing machines from Nilpeter, MPS and Gallus/Heidelberg. Holoprint can also act as a stand-alone unit.


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What is Holoprint and how can you benefit?

Holoprint is a patented imprint technology that allows you to directly imprint high-resolution 3D nano surface relief structures onto your pre- or post printed web material without the use of prefabricated foils.


Using embossed foils today means that you have to prepare very exact volume needs. Print and embossing designs has to be set months before production starts whereas the right foil volumes and foil application equipment has to be in place. You constantly have to keep a very close contact between your production logistic and your foil supplier to ensure the right amount of foils and minimum waste.


With our Holoprint technology you need only to decide on a flexographic plate design and a Holoprint nano imprint plate layout.  You are now able to integrate the real hologram printing directly in your printing process.


By investing in the Holoprint technology your company will get:


  • A cost-effective printing process: High quality result while skipping a very time consuming and expensive step in the hologram printing process.
  • Fewer sub-suppliers: You simply cut away the whole supply chain normally involved in traditional holographic foil production applications. This include; producing base foil and coatings, conventional holographic embossing, metalizing, adhesive and slitting, not to mention the paperwork and logistic planning involved. As you need no foil material in stock, you are completely in control of the production planning.
  • Security: The security value of Holoprint can be equal or higher than a good quality hot stamp foil or a cold foil or cast & cure process. The major upsides is that all secure value building takes place in-house at your printing station.
  • Replaces Multi-Step Process:
  PrePress Embossing Converting Foiling app. Holoprint TM
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Holoprint TM x x


  • Flexibility: With Holoprint you have the freedom to print on almost all printing materials and the process is tested on various polymers, pre printed paper and metal. It is designed to work on opaque substrates.
  • Integration: Perhaps, the most unique feature that distinguishes Holoprint TM from other conventional hologram printing methods is that you can print the holograms yourself. Any color or printed dot made on your own printing machine is obviously produced faster and more cost efficient than by obtaining it from say a foil supplier. You do not have to rely on outside sub-contractors. You avoid foil logistics. You are 100% in control of your own holographic design layouts and hence you are no longer restricted to traditional foil patch designs.
  • Specific Image in a Specific Location: HoloPrint is a state of the art technology, which encompasses the ability to create a holographic image in a printed format. Furthermore, the unique Holoprint module allows the user to place a high quality holographic image at specific location in the print. This is something that cannot be created via normal foil technology used today.
  • Lower cost: The use of holographic technology would be more prevalent if the cost for this technology was lower. If the cost can be reduced to a more tolerable level, then the use is likely to increase. This technology makes foil production, and embossing obsolete.
  • Shorter Lead-times = New market possibilities: E.g. make your own fast trials and customer presentations without having to involve third party sub-contractors. For trial and demo runs you can be “on air” as fast as you can define and produce a flexo plate! Printing holograms can now take place at your site in “real time”.
  • Easy Holoprint Pre Press: We have developed a full package solution for your printer to be able to manage all jobs with an easy and confident approach. We also provide a large range of holographic imprint plate materials for demonstration, trials and custom designed jobs.
  • A greener process including reducing your CO2-emissions: Holoprint is an imprinting process with no waste. The traditional production processes such as hot stamp foil, cold foil or cast & cure foils include much energy for production in materials, processing, transportation and dealing with waste foil materials. By using the Holoprint process, we not only claim you will be able to produce more imprints for the same price, but you will also contribute to the environment and climate in a positive way.


How do I implement Holoprint in my printing process?

Stensborg will help you implement and integrate Holoprint in your printing process. Our skilled experts will discuss the needs you have and begin the process of addressing the best solution how Holoprint can be implemented in your facility.

Our services include:


  • Technical support by our skilled experts
  • Custom made consumables, light curing resins and nano imprinting templates
  • Prepress tooling to handle your prepress setup in the most efficient and time saving manner
  • Service of your Holoprint unit


Who is Stensborg?

Stensborg is a privately held company located in Roskilde, Denmark 30 minutes from Copenhagen Airport. We have served our clients for nearly 20 years producing holographic masters and imprinting templates for security purposes as well as numerous light controlling applications for technical applications.


The patented Holoprint technology is developed in cooperation with Nilpeter and the former Danish National Research laboratory Risø, now part of Technical University of Denmark. In 2015 Stensborg obtained exclusive IP rights to the Holoprint technology


Our skilled workforce especially excels in the full production cycle of nano and micro surface relief creations as well as graphic printing production. We have our own ranges of proven machines, prepress materials and resin chemistry.


Please, contact us by e-mail for a discussion or talk about your needs and your idea for applying the technology to your production.

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