Nanoimprinting, Better Than Ever

Nanoimprinting, Better Than Ever

We build and supply rolling nanoimprint lithography (RNIL) equipment and nanostructure components.

We build and supply rolling nanoimprint lithography (RNIL) equipment and nanostructure components.

Engineering Experts Specialising in Nanoimprint Lithography

If you are looking for mass-fabrication of high-precision micro-and nanostructured surfaces and components, talk to the Stensborg team. Our equipment will provide you with the tools to manufacture large-area nanosurfaces and high-volume optical components with ease.

Our rolling nano imprint lithography (RNIL) will support your NIL work​ by bringing your ideas to life on a mass-production scale.

Our rolling nanoimprint solutions range from tools and consumables for researching, prototyping, and education, to the creation of new concepts; development to the delivery of large-capacity production equipment.

Our Products and Services

Desktop R2P NanoImprinter

Our compact roller-based nanoimprinter is an ideal tool for prototyping, experimentation and product development. Click here to learn more.


Our consumables are light-curing resins. Each has been created in-house by our R&D department for nanoimprinting machines, including the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter.

Manufacturing Services

We can manufacture optical devices. We specialise in high-capacity production using roll-to-plate (R2P) and roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing. Click here to learn more.

Custom-Made Equipment

We specialise in producing topologies and structured surfaces in the nano and micro magnitude; This includes proprietary and patented process equipment, chemistry, and consumables.

“This Nanoimprint desktop has allowed us to make our mass production even more cost-effective. Thank you, Stensborg, for developing a user-friendly machine.”


“Working on the HoloPrint® uniA6 DT is amazing. We liked it from the very start.” 


“Hats off to these guys! The R2R systems, as well as the following Optical Engine upgrade, were delivered promptly and excel on all promised specifications.”


RNIL Technology Specialists Based in Denmark

We have more than 20 years of experience providing different types of functional surfaces. Our process method is roller-based nanoimprint lithography (RNIL).

Why Choose Stensborg?

With a focus on volume production from the earliest stages of development, we collaborate closely with our customers and leverage the knowledge of scientists and academics from reputable technical universities and government laboratories across continents. Our long history in this specialised field has established us as experts in nanoimprinting technologies.

A Better Solution to Nanoimprint Lithography, Enabling an Accelerated Process Cycle


The Desktop R2P NanoImprinter is an ideal tool for small-scale prototyping, experimentation and product development. Contact us to learn more about this smart device.

Custom-Made Equipment

We cooperate with our partners and clients to tailor our solutions and our services to fit specific needs, from light-curing resin to equipment modifications. Our many years of experience allow us to support new ideas and innovation across the NIL sector.

Our Directors

We are a team of industry experts devoted to the innovation of nanoimprint lithography. Our senior management team have over 50 years of combined industry experience.

Jan Stensborg
Jan StensborgCEO & Founder
Having studied at the Holographic Laboratory, Technical University of Denmark, Jan went on to establish Stensborg A/S in 1997. He has more than 20 years of experience working within the industry.
Leif Yde
Leif YdeCTO
Leif has a master’s degree in Electronics from the Technical University of Denmark. Before joining Stensborg, he spent many years of his career working with international counterfeit resilience at The Danish National Bank.



Consumables for nanoimprinting machines including the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter.


Manufacturing Services

Industrial-scale production of a variety of nano- and micro- topology surfaces.


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