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Stensborg is a privately held company located in Denmark.

For over two decades, we have provided optical designs, mastering tools, and volume production services to a diverse range of clients and partners, including universities, private organisations, and government entities. Our expertise extends to rolling nanoimprint lithography (RNIL) and the fabrication of functional surfaces, which have a broad range of applications in fields such as solar, optoelectronics, and biotechnology.

Each year we continue to develop exciting new ways to control and interact with light and matter and keep pushing this technology to new limits, further and further around the globe.

Our history

Stensborg has a long history in the field, beginning as a consultancy company in 1997, where we shared our expertise in nanoimprint lithography (NIL) with other companies to help them maximise their utilisation of the technology. As our consultancy services grew, we recognised the need to establish our own cleanroom facilities to serve our clients better. This expansion allowed us to assist our clients in creating industrial master templates and their further application. During this time, we invented our signature HoloPrint process, rolling nanoimprint lithography (RNIL), which we later patented. Over time, our facilities continued to expand, and today we have a fully-fledged establishment that includes cleanroom facilities, chemistry development, and production capabilities.

We are also a test and trial facility, providing our clients with various equipment options, from desktop and Roll-to-Plate to full-size Roll-to-Roll apparatus, to help them develop and refine their processes. Our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality has helped us become a trusted partner to our clients in a variety of fields, including solar, optoelectronics, and biotechnology.

Our Partners

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the global community with cutting-edge solutions in nanoimprint lithography (NIL) technology, including rolling nanoimprint lithography (RNIL). As experts in industrial applications, we specialise in delivering high-quality NIL solutions to universities and research institutions worldwide. With our innovative solutions and extensive experience, we are committed to offering our clients the best services and products. Our vision is to be a leading authority on NIL and RNIL technology, recognised for our expertise and commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. In addition, we strive to be the go-to resource for anyone seeking knowledge and understanding in this exciting field.

Our Products and Services


The typical applications range from imprinting, lab-on-chip to diffractive optical elements, and other nanoimprinted structures.

We have developed a range of light-curing resins formulated specifically for each application.

Manufacturing Services

We can provide optical devices, e.g. holographic optical elements, waveguides, or lab-on-a-chip solutions.

Custom-Made Equipment

We specialise in the production of topologies and structured surfaces in the nano and micro regime.

“Working on the HoloPrint® uniA6 DT is amazing. We liked it from the very start.” 


“Hats off to these guys! The R2R systems, as well as the following Optical Engine upgrade, were delivered promptly and excel on all promised specifications.”


“This Nanoimprint desktop has allowed us to make our mass production even more cost-effective. Thank you, Stensborg, for developing a user-friendly machine.”


We’re Here to Aid Your Research

Through the development and production of leading-edge nanoimprint lithography solutions.


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