Here are some things we can recommend to you:

  • Avoid resin on the soft impression layer in the first place.

  • We highly recommend mounting the imprint plate on top of the protective foil that acts as a sacrificial foil. Using a sacrificial foil this way is the most straightforward, and reduced the risk of damaging the soft impression layer, and in the case of a problem or a misprint, the foil can be disposed of and replaced easily, instead of spending excessive time to clean the soft impression layer. Apply tension in the running direction in the imprint plate when mounting the plate manually by hand.

  • Alternatively: be sure that there is an excess edge if you are placing an imprinting plate directly on the soft backing layer so that the imprint plate covers the entire active area of the process – at least 200mm in length. This ensures that tape used to secure the edges – is never under imprinting pressure. The extra length of the printing plate will also ensure that excessive ink can not come in contact with the soft layer.