A Better Solution To Nanoimprint Lithography

The Desktop R2P NanoImprinter is a small and cost-competitive Roll-to-Plate imprinter, compared to traditional nanoimprinting tools which still dominate the industry today. This smart technology is the first of its kind; A nanoimprint lithography desktop and Roll-to-Plate (R2P) device.

Our Roll-to-Plate NIL device uses a patented nip imprint process as well as an adjustable imprinting force to minimise material shrinkage while reducing air bubble issues.

This nip imprinting process lessens the demand on substrate conformity, providing reduced costs and a higher yield.

Stensborg engineers designed this R2P NanoImprinter with cost-savings in mind, whilst aiming to build a machine with a high-quality output; Quality is not compromised in high volume usage by carrying out regular performance reviews of up to 60 plates/wafers per hour.​

​​Watch the video above where we point out the different advantages the R2P NanoImprinter provides your R&D department with.