In recent years, virtual reality technology has helped transform the world that we live in. From shopping online and working to medical operations, Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming an increasingly beneficial tool for countless industries.

One sector where this technology is becoming increasingly more popular is STEM education. This innovative technology is helping to increase engagement in students, while VR labs are helping to unlock innovative new solutions.

The rise of VR labs

These advanced VR laboratories are now being used for a far wider range of areas, and experts are now experimenting with how VR could eventually be used to replace traditional labs. A first-person VR experience is both immersive and realistic; the results from experiments made within an instrumentation-based organic chemistry lab and using a VR lab show no discernible difference in learning outcomes.

Across the globe, VR and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming an integral part of STEM education. Major companies and organisations are utilising the technology to showcase how their learning skills relate to real-life situations.

How VR is benefiting Stensborg

Here at Stensborg, STEM education is incredibly important to our progress. The VR and AR capabilities on offer provide new insights into the world of nanomaterials and spectrometers; “A VR laboratory experience was designed to teach students how to use an infrared spectrometer and elucidate an unknown structure from the resulting infrared spectrum.”

The use of nanoimprint technology, as we use here at Stensborg, is essential within photonic components. We strive for our technology to be able to help reduce production costs and increase efficiency, giving a greater experience and a higher quality result.

For over 20 years, we have been utilising the latest technologies to design and develop our own innovative nanoimprint lithography equipment. STEM education is vital, and we are excited to see how incorporating Virtual Reality into the curriculum can see the next generation of experts enter the field.

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