Practical and affordable cutting-edge NIL for both teaching and research



Practical and affordable cutting-edge NIL for both teaching and research


A Cost-Effective and User-Friendly Solution for Teachers, Researchers, and Students

NanoImprint Lithography (NIL) is valuable to teachers, researchers, and students but is often not widely available because it can be costly, involve complicated and error-prone processes, and produce disappointing results.

Experiencing these challenges at Stensborg, we decided to create a groundbreaking series of nanoimprint solutions that combine modern technology with nano/micro-engineering. This innovation fulfills industry needs while serving as a valuable educational resource, offering a hands-on approach to advancing nano-scale devices. 

With our Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter, you can gain complete control over crucial parameters, work with most modern radical UV-curable resins, and create functional nanostructures on a range of base substrates. It streamlines your nanoimprinting process, offering a precise and budget-friendly solution for advancing nanotechnology. Capable of emulating lamination imprinting as well as roll-to-roll and roll-to-plate conditions, its user-friendly and versatile operation supports you to innovate with confidence.



Nanoimprint lithography can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially for teachers looking to educate their students on the nature of polymers. From misalignment to misusing equipment, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That's why we offer nanoimprint solutions that are not only safe and easy to use but allow for parameter variation, making it possible to prototype a range of products quickly.

For example, our compact Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter is perfect for creating microchannels, lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, DNA sequencing, and functional cell surfaces with high resolution and without the constant need for a cleanroom.

With the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter, teachers can focus more on their students' successes and less on the equipment they're using.



As researchers, you know all too well that the cost of nanoimprint lithography equipment can be a major obstacle to experimentation and development. Additionally, the slow and time-consuming nature of most NIL machines only compounds this issue. The good news is that Stensborg offers a unique solution – the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter.

With the ability to change a variety of parameters, the Desktop R2P offers fast throughput and high-resolution nanoimprinting capabilities, enabling you to create microchannels, lab-on-a-chip devices, organ-on-a-chip, functional cell surfaces and DNA sequencing with radical UV-curable resins.

Additionally, it can be confidently scaled up to a R2R system, allowing for new milestones to be formed in NIL research.



We understand the problems faced by founders looking to mass-produce nanoscale structures. Primarily because traditional entry nanoimprint lithography is often slow and time-consuming, requiring expensive cleanroom equipment that doesn't upscale well.

With its ease of use, wide window of operational parameters, and compatibility with most existing UV-curable resins as well as both transparent and non-transparent materials, our Desktop R2P NanoImprinter allows for variability across a wide range of nanoimprinting tasks. The best part is that its compact footprint offers you the freedom to quickly relocate the machine inside or outside cleanrooms, overcoming the limitations of many university labs.

The machine can also customise parameters such as force, speed, and UV intensity, allowing for fast throughput and high resolution—perfect for scaling up nanomanufacturing processes.


Financing Options

A Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter is a wise investment for researchers and academicians who require a system that is user-friendly, uncompromising on speed, and versatile in creating high-resolution micro- and nano-fabricated devices. As NIL innovators and academia advocates, we firmly believe everyone should have access to this groundbreaking technology. This is why we offer dynamic financing options, making acquiring this state-of-the-art system easier than ever.

We know that investing in a nanoimprint solution like The Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter can be a financial commitment. That's why we offer flexible/affordable financing options that cater to the needs of different customers and industries. Whether you are a start-up, a large research corporation, or an educator, we can help you acquire the system and kick-start your initiatives without breaking the bank. Our financing options are designed to provide you with several benefits, including customised instalments and predictable low payments.

For questions, comments, or more information about the comprehensive financing options, Stensborg's team is always on standby to assist.

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Unlock Possibilities with the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter

The Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter opens up a world of possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with nanoimprint lithography. With its diverse capabilities, ease of use, fast throughput (seconds), and impressive resolution down to 20µm, this nanoimprint solution offers superior renderings guaranteed to drive advancements in functional surfaces for science, academics, and much more.

Nanoimprint lithography has been proven to be one of the most significant technological advancements, and The Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter is at the forefront of this innovation. Acquire your own Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter today, and leverage the power of groundbreaking nanoimprint technology to solve mankind's toughest challenges.

We provide leading-edge rolling nanoimprint solutions alongside expert partners to drive the advancement of functional surfaces for science and academics.

We are dedicated to providing groundbreaking rolling nanoimprint technology.


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