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Nanoimprint Solutions for Cutting-Edge Renewable Energy Solutions



A Cost-Effective Way to Develop New Energy Harnessing Methods and Storing Approaches

Creating new or more effective renewable energy solutions requires streamlined, cost-effective development methods – and the challenges are not small. Traditional NIL is often bogged down by high costs, long turnaround times, and unnecessary complexity, which slows down innovation. The race to create new energy solutions demands efficient technologies that enable swift and economical experimentation.

The Stensborg Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter is our response to some of these challenges. Mastery of Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) can be crucial to staying ahead in the highly competitive sector of renewable energies. Our smart desktop device is designed to be a versatile and reliable tool for discovering superior new energy technologies faster than conventional methods.

At its core, this compact R2P machine embodies cost-efficiency, proving to be an indispensable asset in developing nanostructured surfaces for industry prototyping and early production.



The expanding field of renewable energy is being revolutionsed by Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL), a technology capable of enhancing harnessing methods and advancing innovative storage solutions.

As the quest for cleaner and more sustainable energy intensifies, NIL’s ability to mold nanostructured surfaces with high precision and accuracy is vital. This technique has become pivotal for advancing solar cell (PVs), solar concentrators, and energy storage options like batteries, meeting the growing demand for alternative energy sources.

The early entry Desktop R2P NanoImprinter addresses these industry-specific needs, offering an economically competitive solution for creating new high-resolution nanostructured devices. This innovative unit streamlines your development process, broadening the scope of compatible resins and operational parameters to unlock exceptional opportunities. Including our patented nip imprinting system, the Desktop widens your pressure process window, reduces stamp contact time, and lowers material demand, empowering your testing while ensuring alignment with future higher-volume upscaling.



The energy harvesting and storage sectors are rapidly advancing, with Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) playing a crucial role in its advancements. However, traditional NIL methods, originating from the semiconductor industry, pose challenges such as slow processes, high costs, and the need for extensive maintenance. These limitations can hinder innovation and complicate the integration of new nanosurfaces in scaled-up high-volume manufacturing.

Our Desktop R2P NanoImprinter stands out as a flexible tool for nanostructure development in photovoltaics and energy storage applications. This compact device accelerates your development process, delivering unmatched speed, precision, and high throughput with excellent resolution. Optimised for versatility, its portable footprint allows seamless adaptation to various research purposes, including easy integration inside or outside cleanroom environments.

Compatible with multiple UV-curable resins, the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter is designed to meet the changing needs of developing new solar energy applications, from enhancing efficiency in photovoltaic panels and energy storage devices to crafting the nuanced nanostructures that boost solar concentrator cell performance.



At Stensborg, we understand the crucial role educators play in ushering innovations across solar and other alternative energy sources. In a field where Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) is pivotal for advancing the energy efficiency of PVs, CAT and BAT cells, educators are faced with the challenge of providing practical experience with nanostructure development, an ability increasingly demanded by the industry.

Swiftly outpacing old-school NIL techniques, our Desktop R2P NanoImprinter emerges as a foundational tool for educators. It democratises the nanoimprinting process, enabling engineering and chemical students to delve into nanoscale fabrication for fields like photovoltaics, without lengthy processing or cleanroom constraints.

The Desktop R2P NanoImprinter accelerates the educational process with its rapid throughput and versatility across applications and research projects. It is an ally in providing the next generation of professionals with the tools and knowledge for their future while equipping educators to stay at the forefront of groundbreaking research.


Financing Options

Investing in groundbreaking Nanoimprint Lithography technology like the cutting-edge R2P Nanoimprinter presents an exciting opportunity for those in the solar energy sector developing advanced photovoltaics. However, we understand that the initial investment can be considerable, and we recognise the importance of affordability and financial flexibility. This is why we offer versatile and economical financing solutions uniquely tailored to meet our client's requirements.

Our flexible financing models enable comfortable payment plans with predictable low costs, empowering solar energy professionals to acquire this pivotal technology and kickstart their projects without the stress of financial burden. By making nanoscale imprinting technology accessible, we aim to support solar energy innovation, inspire groundbreaking nanofabrication, and stand by our clients on their forward motions.

Our expert team is readily available for further assistance to offer detailed information and guidance through the financing process.

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Revolutionise Renewable Energy with User-Friendly Nanoimprint Lithography

Acquiring the versatile and compact Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter is a step towards owning a piece of tomorrow's cutting-edge technology. Renowned for its user-friendly interface, reliability and exceptional performance, this device is a game-changer for renewable energy pioneers, opening doors to novel nanoimprint lithography capabilities.

Our Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter isn't just a piece of equipment; it's an innovation hub poised to help tackle the world's energy challenges head-on. Experience the ease of nanoimprint lithography to create nanostructured surfaces, essential to boost the efficiency of harnessing and storing energy applications.

Your opportunity to make an impact is here.

We provide leading-edge rolling nanoimprint solutions alongside expert partners to drive the advancement of functional surfaces for science and academics.

We are dedicated to providing groundbreaking rolling nanoimprint technology.


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