High-resolution, cost-effective and fast throughput NIL solutions for
medical professionals



High-resolution, cost-effective and fast throughput NIL solutions for
medical professionals


Stensborg’s Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter: Streamlining Prototyping for Faster, Cost-effective Medical Solutions

Researching and developing nano-scale products, like a diagnostic lab-on-a-chip, demands a method for efficiently producing and refining potential solutions. Traditional approaches to this are slow, expensive, and complex, making them impractical for in-depth exploration and hindering impactful progress. Being able to do NanoImprint Lithography (NIL) effectively is increasingly necessary to be competitive in healthcare applications, and finding a cost-effective solution has never been more critical.

Stensborg’s Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter was engineered to tackle these problems and make it financially efficient to run many more experiments. This allows the user to arrive at better solutions more quickly. It also reduces the demand for substrate conformity, reducing costs and achieving higher yields.

In essence, Stensborg’s engineers crafted this machine focusing on cost-savings, rendering it an exceptionally efficient tool for medical prototyping and achieving initial production objectives.



Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) is becoming increasingly important in medical research, offering ways to produce high-resolution nanoscale structures. However, medical researchers face several challenges in their work, including high costs, the need for cleanroom facilities, and complex setups.

In addition, the drawbacks of using slow-curing Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) stamp materials and the limited availability of biocompatible resins can affect pattern quality due to the low Young's modulus, high viscosity, and swelling issues, limiting the range of applications for their devices.

Stensborg's Desktop R2P NanoImprinter aims to combat these issues by offering a compact cost-competitive, high-resolution solution that can be used with a variety of resins and parameters. It also allows the manufacturing of imprinted stamps with new time-saving materials, ultimately saving resources and streamlining developments.



There are significant challenges when using Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) for developing medical and healthcare devices. The process can be slow, time-consuming, and require extensive new material expertise for producing compatible stamps and multiple imprints. Conventional plate-to-plate (P2P) cleanroom equipment is expensive and makes it difficult to upscale the process parameters to roll-to-plate (R2P) or even roll-to-roll (R2R) high-volume capabilities.

Our Desktop R2P NanoImprinter presents an easy versatile solution with its wide window of operational parameters and pressurised imprinting capabilities. Compatible with most existing UV-curable resins, as well as transparent and non-transparent materials, this smart device offers a fast throughput high-resolution experience alongside the freedom of quickly re-locating the unit inside or outside cleanrooms.

All in all, this device was made with medical start-ups in mind, ones looking to prototype and scale up their nanoscale structures quickly. Ideal for microchannels, lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, DNA sequencing, functional cell surfaces, and more.


Industry Professionals

At Stensborg, we get it. Medical industries need precise, high-resolution nanoimprinting capabilities to create functional surfaces for lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, and other applications. However, it’s well-known that traditional nanoimprinting tools require lengthy processing times, tying up valuable production equipment for tests and trials.

With our compact Desktop R2P NanoImprinter, healthcare professionals can test, explore and validate nanoscale medical imprinting techniques, inside or outside cleanroom environments. The device boasts a faster throughput than conventional NIL methods, allowing for faster iterations of the development cycle. In addition, it can be used across multiple departments and R&D projects, providing reliable imprinting parameters applicable to scaled-up roll-to-plate or large-scale roll-to-roll processing.

Overall, the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter offers the medical industry a cost-effective and efficient solution for testing, trials, and the production of nanoscale structures for various applications. Its patented nip imprint system equips users with a larger pressure process range, reducing contact time, lowering base material conformity needs, and providing a wider imprinting speed window (from 0.005 to 5 m/min).


Financing Options

Investing in cutting-edge technology like the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter can significantly benefit medical professionals who require precise and high-resolution micro- and nano-fabricated devices. However, we understand that the up-front cost can be an obstacle for many. This is why we offer flexible and affordable financing options tailored to the needs of different customers and industries. Our financing plans provide customised instalments and predictable payments, allowing medical leaders to acquire the technology and launch their initiatives with a clear financial budget.

With our financing options, we aim to make nanoscale medical imprinting accessible to everyone. Moreover, we're committed to helping our clients maximise the benefits of the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter by providing continuous support/training to ensure that they can produce high-quality micro- and nano-fabricated devices. The goal is to offer you a seamless experience and, of course, help support you in accelerating the healthcare industry.

For any questions or concerns, our team is always available to provide information and guidance on the financing process.

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Unleash Breakthrough Nanofabrication for Medical Advancements

Investing in the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter means investing in the future of breakthrough technology. With its easy-to-use interface and unparalleled performance, medical leaders can unlock the power of groundbreaking nanofabrication. In summary, the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter was designed to solve some of humanity's most challenging issues, paving the way for new advances in functional surfaces and beyond. Most importantly, offer you the opportunity to do the same.

We provide leading-edge rolling nanoimprint solutions alongside expert partners to drive the advancement of functional surfaces for science and academics.

We are dedicated to providing groundbreaking rolling nanoimprint technology.


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