Structuring precision into optical elements



Structuring precision into optical elements


Unleash Precision and Innovation with Our Cutting-Edge Photonics Solution

Precision and innovation are the bedrock of photonics. We are proud to introduce the Stensborg Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter, designed to propel the development of cutting-edge photonic solutions. Specialising in nanostructured surfaces and polymer-based optical components, it boosts your process and elevates the performance of photonic devices.

The Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter streamlines the path to advanced photonics, simplifying prototyping by reducing costs and unwanted complexities. This enables innovators to improve results promptly and effectively.

This R2P machine’s unique concept marks a shift toward cost-efficient and scalable optical prototyping in the photonics industry. It redefines standards in the prototyping field, becoming a crucial tool for delivering precision-engineered solutions and new optical developments.



In the evolving landscape of photonics, Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) plays a crucial role. NIL has been a cornerstone in yielding substantial advancements in crafting sophisticated nanostructured surfaces and overall new optical elements. However, it can often be overwhelming for new researchers to dive into the intricacies of conventional high-volume equipment, especially in the early stages of new nanodevice developments.

At Stensborg, we counter these challenges with the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter. Elevating the optics discipline, this pioneering machine confidently addresses manufacturing complexities while remaining customisable. The R2P NanoImprinter broadens the array of compatible resins and tailoring parameters to fit the creation of next-generation nanostructured surfaces.

It presents a cost-effective yet reliable solution for photonic and optical device researchers.



Nanoimprint Lithography is becoming increasingly crucial for producing new and better optical elements with high precision. However, traditional approaches to NIL have often been plagued by high costs and the need for extensive maintenance. Such constraints hinder progress and scale-up in the development of nanostructured surfaces within the photonics industry.

Our Desktop R2P NanoImprinter is a versatile technology that can cater to the photonic sector's specific challenges. It boasts extraordinary throughput and high-resolution quality as it is designed to work harmoniously with a broad range of radical UV-curable resins. Optimised for flexibility with its portable size, the machine can conveniently be used outside a cleanroom for research purposes. It can be installed in a small laminar flow cabinet and easily transported back for cleanroom integration.

With these advancements in mind, the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter is meticulously engineered to cater to the stringent specifications of the optics industry. It supports plastic optical elements development and the delicate art of constructing nanostructures, all critical for enhancing optical performance.



At Stensborg, we recognise the influential position that educators hold in spurring breakthroughs within the field of photonics. With Nanoimprint Lithography being a critical factor for the progression of sophisticated nanostructured surfaces, the responsibility rests on educators to transmit hands-on, accurate nanoimprinting techniques. This is essential for the development of advanced, high-quality optical components.

Outpacing conventional NIL methodologies, our Desktop R2P NanoImprinter is a compact and versatile prototyping machine that places the power of nanoimprinting technology into the hands of students. It supports the exploration of nanoscale production without the extended processing timelines or the stringent demands of traditional semiconductor NIL equipment. In addition, the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter accelerates learning with its swift output adaptability while fostering collaboration across various academic disciplines.

Ultimately, the device is a key resource in training a new group of skilled photonics professionals and empowering educators to remain at the forefront of pioneering optical research and innovation.


Financing Options

The state-of-the-art R2P Nanoimprinter marks an exhilarating advancement. While we acknowledge that the initial capital allocation for such sophisticated prototyping machines may be substantial, we equally understand the need for cost-effective and adaptable financing options. This is why we offer financial solutions that align seamlessly with our customers’ unique needs.

Our tailored financing options provide structured payment solutions, ensuring costs are manageable and predictable. This strategic approach to financing allows you to integrate essential nanofabrication technology smoothly, initiating projects without the weight of financial strain. Our goal is to make revolutionary nanoscale imprinting technology readily available and remove any barriers between you and innovation.

For assistance in the financing process, our expert team is always here to offer guidance and support.

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Forge the Future of Photonics with Cutting-Edge Prototyping Technology

Investing in the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter signifies a leap toward the forefront of groundbreaking technology. Distinguished by its versatile yet sophisticated interface and stellar prototyping performance, this apparatus is an indispensable asset for innovators.

Overall, the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter transcends being a mere prototyping machine; it represents a nexus of innovation engineered to address the intricate demands of the optics field. Moreover, it is setting the stage for advancements in the production of high-precision plastic optical elements – not just for today, but for tomorrow.

How will you influence the future of optics?

We provide leading-edge rolling nanoimprint solutions alongside expert partners to drive the advancement of functional surfaces for science and academics.

We are dedicated to providing groundbreaking rolling nanoimprint technology.


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