Forging The Future Of Nanofabrication

Forging The Future Of Nanofabrication


Let’s push the frontiers of nanotechnology together.

At Stensborg, we are proud to offer innovative solutions that empower individuals and organisations. We are committed to revolutionising the world of nanofabrication and nanotechnology through our cutting-edge nanoimprinting technology, and our mission is to provide innovative solutions that help researchers or professionals across academia, biomedicine, energy and photonics achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. Overall, our cutting-edge nanoimprinting technology and nanoreplication capabilities put us at the forefront of the Nanotechnology revolution, and our mission is your success.

Designing Microchannels for Medical Devices?

Creating Functioning Cells for Biological Research?

Developing Solar Concentrators for Alternative Energy?

Designing Optical Elements for        Industrial Use?



The Academics, determined to make groundbreaking discoveries in the field of nanotechnology, are likely facing the challenges of expensive equipment and time-consuming processes when attempting to prototype specific structures. Stensborg’s Nanoimprinting Technology provides the perfect solution, with affordable options such as the Desktop R2P Nanoimprinter and high-throughput roll-to-roll machines. With the ability to change different parameters and see and feel the action, along with quick and easy NIL printing and prototyping, Stensborg’s technology brings ease and efficiency to both the lab and the classroom.



Our nanoimprinting technology and nanofabrication solutions offer a fast throughput and high-resolution system, making it possible to produce microchannels, lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, and functional cell surfaces, among others. Our technology can also be used for DNA sequencing, an essential tool in disease diagnosis and drug development. With Stensborg’s expertise in nanotechnology, the medical industry can benefit from achieving their desired structures with ease of use while maintaining high accuracy and reliability.



We understand the evolving demand for sustainable energy and the challenges faced by the industry. The need for faster and more cost-effective production methods, as well as increased efficiency and durability of energy solutions, is ever-present. That’s why we offer cutting-edge nanoimprinting technology and nanofabrication solutions that address the pain points of high-cost and low efficiency in nanostructure manufacturing. Through our fast throughput and high-resolution systems, we provide the renewable energy industry with a cost-effective way to produce high-quality plastic optical elements and solar concentrators. In addition, influence the production of fine structures that enhance light trapping for higher efficiency in photovoltaic devices.



Producing high-quality optical elements with precision and speed can be a challenge. That’s where our nanoimprinting technology comes in. Our nanofabrication systems offer high throughput and resolution, making it easier than ever to create complex photonic and optical structures. With our technology, you can quickly produce plastic optical elements, reduce the cost of production, and eliminate the need for expensive molds.

Where NIL Innovation Meets Precision

From microchannels for medicine to plastic optical elements for all optics-related industries, our technology can be used to produce a range of high-resolution structures in mass production. We are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible solution, and that drives us to innovate and push the boundaries of what nanotechnology can achieve.

Let us help you unlock the full potential of your unique initiatives with our cutting-edge nanoimprinting technology solutions.

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We provide leading-edge rolling nanoimprint solutions alongside expert partners to drive the advancement of functional surfaces for science and academics.

We are dedicated to providing groundbreaking rolling nanoimprint technology.


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