At the heart of every significant technological leap lies the collaborative spirit of innovation. At least this holds true for us here at Stensborg, where we have etched our name in substrates of nanoimprint lithography history as a pioneer. Overall, we have stood at the forefront of advancements, not just as a facilitator of cutting-edge roll-to-roll technology but as a dedicated partner in the creative process.

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In a world where technology evolves rapidly, standing still is not an option for those who aspire to lead. At Stensborg, we understand that drive for innovation and invite you to explore our work as a preeminent architect behind various custom-made solutions – projects that have ultimately pushed boundaries and driven progress.

Case Studies of Innovation: Custom-Made Solutions in Action

1. The Colorfoil Project: A Hue of Green Innovation

One of our most illustrious endeavours, the Colorfoil project, exemplifies how we leverage our technological strengths to serve the burgeoning solar sector. This initiative within the realm of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) allows for dual functionality of energy production and architectural aesthetics, thereby revolutionising the interface between renewable energy generation and urban architecture.

The Colorfoil project seeks to manifest an important contribution towards a sustainable future by offering a solution that supports energy self-sufficiency for buildings through localised energy production and provides an aesthetically pleasing integration thanks to coloured photovoltaic panels. Our role within this partnership—accompanied by esteemed institutes like SDU and DTU—is of vital importance, employing our nanoimprint lithography technology to support R&D efforts and pave the path towards efficiency.

2. The NEAT Project: Pioneering Medical Breakthroughs

Likewise, the NEAT Project stands as a foundation for our custom-made contributions to the medical sector. This groundbreaking research utilises cutting-edge technologies to develop novel tools for in-vitro disease modeling and drug discovery, addressing some of the key limitations currently faced by the industry. Moreover, our introduction of nanoimprinted shaped support structures and surface modifications are core elements that will allow for the development of tissue-like myocardial preparations devoid of movement artefacts.

Picture of manufactured nanoneedles – Stensborg

Custom-Made Equipment: Artisanal Design Meets Technological Ingenuity

  • Profactor – Communication Applications

Regarding custom-made equipment, Stensborg has been instrumental in providing bespoke solutions catering to niche demands across various industries. Our collaboration with Profactor unified into a bespoke Roll-to-Plate machine capable of diverse applications, birthed from a confluence of trust and expertise. The e-PAPER project exemplifies this venture, envisaging E-Ink manipulated by nanostructures on monumental scales – akin to a Kindle displayed on a highway billboard.

In short, the harmony between us at Stensborg and Profactor extends to nanotechnological landscapes, where crafted crystals mimic the opulence of diamonds. Besides Profactor, this is a venture alongside giants like Sony DADC and Swarovski, showcasing the reach of these custom-made solutions.

“As an industry-orientated research company, we highly appreciate the versatility of the industrial Stensborg Roll-to-Plate NIL machine, which we have in-house. The dedication to good solutions can be observed in the technical details of the tool. Stensborg’s reliability as a long-standing partner is convincing.”

- Sonja Kopp, Profactor - Research Engineer Nanoimprinting
  • HELIAC – Solar Energy Applications

In the dynamic field of solar energy, our custom Roll-to-Roll machine played a crucial role at Heliac’s headquarters, evidencing our commitment to spearhead exploration within the solar energy landscape. In short, we delivered a Roll-to-Roll machine to Heliac’s headquarters to support experimentation in solar technologies. Thus fortifying the synergy between our nanoimprint prowess and progressive solar energy solutions while spurring innovation in solar applications.

  • DECPT – Defence Technologies

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond conventional boundaries. Our forays into Defense Electronics, Communications, and Photonics Technologies (DECPT) are a testament to our versatile expertise and pioneering spirit.

With DECPT, we embarked on a journey to revolutionise multispectral camouflaging—an endeavour that demanded the fusion of cutting-edge technology and strategic insight.

Our contributions to DECPT underscore our continued dedication to addressing complex challenges with bespoke solutions. Our ventures in defence technologies serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to shaping a safer and more secure future.

Conclusion: A Vision of Co-Creation and Excellence

As narrators of the Stensborg story, we reflect on our key role – from enhancing nanoimprint lithography capabilities to redefining what’s possible with Roll-to-Roll technology. Our track record in offering custom-made solutions presents a potent blend of expertise and a purposeful vision for our partners.

As we journey forward, united in purpose with our clients and partners, driven by a shared passion for progress, we embrace the collaborative spirit that fuels our endeavours, propelling us towards exciting destinations.

In summary, we stand dedicated to solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges, one custom solution at a time. To our clients, we will continue to create, perfect, and inspire technological evolution and ultimately propel progress in ways only innovation can.

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