With 2022 ending, now is no better time to look back and reflect on where you have been, what you have achieved, and where you want to go moving forward. For the nanoimprint technology leader Stensborg, the year 2022 was one filled with innovative milestones, events, and team growth that have set them on pace for a strong 2023 entrance. Overall, Stensborg’s 2022 review is one that comprises the true meaning of passion, inclusion, and appreciation. And consequently, has resulted in exceptional, document-worthy growth for the Stensborg team, nanoimprint technology progression, and the community as a whole.

Image credit: Photo by Stensborg A/S

What Happened In 2022?

Unlocking a new definition of strength in numbers, Stensborg welcomed four new members to the team: Leonor Mariano (Marketing Assistant), Gabriel Krawietz Delgado (Video Content Creator), Ritika Singh Petersen (Business Development Manager), and Oskar Darselius Berg (Technical Project Manager). Let’s also not forget the introduction of the new Stensborg CEO earlier in the year – Christian Bjerrum-Niese. Christian worked closely with the Stensborg team for over two years before being appointed the CEO by Jan Stensborg, the former CEO and current COO and company Founder.

With the team growing and shifting, so did new executions for nanoimprint technology, public outreach, and the use of nano innovations to solve real-world problems. This included the sensational launch of the Desktop R2P NanoImprinter, as well as supporting four coinciding events both online and in-person. One of the more notable was MNE-ES 2022, where university visitors and industry professionals had the ability to learn and converse with the Stensborg team. But more developmentally speaking, the Stensborg 2022 review also comes with innovative cornerstones in the world of nanoimprint technology. What are they?

  • Stensborg’s HoloPrint device (Desktop R2P NanoImprinter) was used at the Technical University of Denmark with the goal of combating the blood shortage. PhD student Shahana Bishnoi has utilised the HoloPrint device as an embosser to fill the stamp wells with PEG formulation. Her vision is to increase red blood cells and circulation via physical mimicry, as poor circulation is the leading cause of the shortage/drawing rejection.
  • COO Jan Stensborg and Stensborg’s Engineer Karlis Petersons co-wrote a scientific paper that has since been published in ChemSusChem. His research was focused on the intricacies of solar cell efficiency while conducting a RollFlex project. This project was an EU-funded program targeting sustainable energy solutions. Jan and team found that Stensborg’s nanoimprint technology/structures could fundamentally improve organic solar cell performance on significantly measurable levels.
  • In 2022, Stensborg attained EUDP funding to create a polymer foil with energy-efficient structural colours for solar panels alongside the University of South Denmark, Technical University of Denmark, and Racell. Coloured solar panels have been a longstanding desire for stakeholders to help close the gap between efficiency, aesthetics, and cost. With Stensborg being leaders of innovation, we are incredibly excited and thankful to have the opportunity to support such visionary and environmentally impacting projects.
  • Stensborg also partnered with the Phabulous ecosystem in 2022. This was inspired by the desire to continue supporting larger-picture causes and networking with groups eager to provide new, accessible opportunities ranging from branding, security, consumer electronics, and much more. So far, Stensborg has made viable strides in the Phabulous ecosystem, especially by leveraging a unique roller-based imprint technology (Desktop R2P NanoImprinter) to render seamless prototyping/experimentation before scaling towards larger nanoimprint lithography productions.

What Does 2023 Look Like?

As new doors for 2023 begin to open, so do the doors for progression and expansion. All in all, Stensborg and its growing team achieved unprecedented nanoimprint technology impacts that have paved the way for a positive trajectory moving forward. This is projected to include higher initiative to reality bridging, more team and community networking, and of course, delivering continued inspiration for the next generation of NIL innovators.

That said, Stensborg’s 2022 review is certainly one worth documenting; and it’s all thanks to an amazing, shared vision team, strong community support, and a collective goal to build a sustainable future that everyone can benefit from.

Cheers to an incredible 2022 year, and cheers to many more!