From nanoimprinting lithography to R2R (Roll-to-Roll) and R2P (Roll-to-Plate) innovations, the year 2021 was a cornerstone time for Stensborg nanoimprinting experts.

Since being founded in 1998, this team has been proactively advancing the intricacies of volume production, nanoimprinting tools, and optical designs to help the modern age push forward. And with that continuous growth trajectory over the last two decades, undeterred by the global pandemic, it became the catalyst for this past year to be a turning point for enhanced design innovation, improved dynamic production change, and above all, the optimisation of the immersive tech-in-modern life experience.

Image credit: Pixabay

A 2021 Recap

Starting 2021 with a bang, Stensborg nanoimprinting experts successfully launched instructional videos on 6th April 2021 to help others use their HoloPrint® device. Inventing HoloPrint® uniA6 DT, this portable desktop machine enables quick testing, prototyping, and a much more streamlined process and efficiency – more so now with the execution of the instructional videos. In addition to this, Stensborg also welcomed Australian Vacuum Services (AVS) as distributors in Australia to grow their global reach, as well as became members of EPIC and SPIE:

EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) is an association that promotes the sustainable development of organisations working in the field of photonics across Europe, and SPIE (The International Society For Optics & Photonics) is a non-profit focused on advancing scientific research and engineering applications for optics and photonics through international conferences. Both of which have unlocked doors for Stensborg to discuss the future of photonics with much wider audiences and form ongoing connections with like-minded innovators to navigate towards a progressive future. 

Along with these grounds, which also entailed related CEO-level meetings, EPIC interviewed Stensborg Founder and CEO Jan Stensborg to discuss recent innovations, encounters and Jan’s expertise in working in the nanoimprint lithography field and his scientific journey toward changing it. Stensborg is also noted in 2021 for their white paper publishing in ChemSusChem on 26th October 2021, which was selected as the front cover of Chemistry Europe for the February 2022 journal issue and for presenting at two illustrious conferences. One of which was NNT 2021, the 20th International Conference on Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technologies.

Stensborg also conducted their first online conference with Photonics West 2021 while concurrently launching an innovation using an Inkjet printer in collaboration with Epson. Earning three patents for their innovative efforts over the last 12 months and gaining 1,000 followers on LinkedIn by September of 2021 were also notable highlights.

There is a sense of pride amongst the Stensborg team for their year on year growth. Even throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, where many businesses were affected, Stensborg went beyond business as usual and experienced expansion across almost all areas of business operations.

Stensborg 2022 and Beyond – A Peek Into The Future

What’s next for Stensborg and our ongoing efforts for advanced nanoimprint lithography, R2R and R2P innovations?

With a team goal to consistently out-achieve the year prior, our nanoimprinting experts have already road-mapped a fruitful 2022 with projects that will help shape the future of the modern world. One of which happens to be bridging the augmented reality (AR) and nanoimprint lithography (NIL) gap between peaking the immersive and end-user-focused experience.

While spearheading advancements in optics in AR and mass-production capabilities, our Stensborg team has been heavily targeting the development of coloured solar panels due to the green movement trending and the demand for aesthetics remaining high with it.

In summary, Stensborg as a brand has come a long way since first established to now and holds a strong track record for making each year more advanced than the last. Couple that with new technologies and societal demands evolving in parallel, Stensborg’s innovations and collective movements have already set the foundation for a better today and an even more promising tomorrow.

Join a team advancing the nanoimprint lithography world and get in touch with Stensborg today. Together, as partners, we can continue to change the future of our planet with R2R and R2P Innovations and more.