Must have at least 8+ years of experience. Must have a Master’s Degree or higher in the field. Must have a combination of both. All in all, it’s not uncommon to see requirements like this on job applications, especially for career growth opportunities that are beyond entry-level. 

Now, this may be ideal for some situations, but there is one monumental flaw that stems from setting that standard so tightly in the fields of STEM and NIL: losing forward-thinking talent altogether due to filtering out the next generation of innovators.

This is why we here at Stensborg kicked that notion out entirely by opening our doors to students/aspiring leaders since day one – a longstanding, all-inclusive effort that has proven to not just accelerate career growth and independence for our employees but has ultimately spearheaded our ability as a team to continuously raise the bar within this ever-evolving field.

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Stensborg Career Opportunities – A Look Inside

When people think of Stensborg as a brand, the first thing that may pop up into their minds is our dexterous global impacts within the NIL, STEM, and innovation spaces. You may even think about the patented Desktop R2P NanoImprinter and/or the many collaborations we have done over and above the last two decades to push this industry ahead as a collective.

However, what makes this reality so compelling is that these successes were conducted by much more than a Stensborg team of executives, but also by an amazing team of high-potential students learning and supporting us through each progressive milestone.

We are not scared of hiring young talent with limited experience, and we take pride in supporting the ongoing evolution of the next generation of innovators. To date, more than 30% of our company is made up of students coming from all over the world – all of which deserve a highlight for the dedications they have made that have allowed Stensborg as a company to gain rapid growth, especially in 2022 thus far across all pipelined business operations

Because as much as our Stensborg career opportunities are targeted to nurture the next generation of innovators, those students quickly become influential team members that we also get to learn from.

Previous Student Highlights:

  • Kevin – From Denmark, Kevin was a previous student lab assistant who was the main person responsible for the Epson Inkjet Printer innovation.

  • Kamila – A previous student assistant, originally from Slovakia, who was at the establishment of the marketing department alongside Karolina, a current member of the team today.

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Current Student Highlights:

  • Karlis – Coming from Latvia, Karlis was hired in 2017 as a fresh graduate from the Southern University of Denmark (SDU) and is employed as a full-time engineer, predominantly overlooking Stensborg’s chemistry department. Karlis holds an M.Eng. in Physics, Technology, Optics, Sensors, and Nanotechnology.

  • Can – Native to Turkey, Can joined Stensborg in October 2021 while pursuing an MA in Biochemical and Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He holds a BA in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from KOC University in Istanbul. Due to Can’s experience in soft materials, polymer science, and bio-inspired material engineering, he works closely with Karlis in the chemistry department.

  • Martin – Originally from Denmark, Martin was hired in February 2021 while undertaking an MA in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where he also completed a BA in Chemical Engineering and International Business.

  • Gabriel – Coming from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Gabriel started at Stensborg in March 2022 and holds a BA in Communications from Roskilde University (RUC). Currently, Gabriel is studying Multimedia Design at KEA and is the primary person responsible for video creation at Stensborg under our marketing management team.

  • Leonor – Originally from Portugal, Leonor joined Stensborg in March 2022 and holds a BA in Marketing Management from ISCTE Business School in Portugal. As we speak, she is also working towards her MA in Brand Management and Marketing Communication at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Leonor is behind many of Stensborg’s social media posts and is primarily supporting the company with her graphical skills.

  • Karolina – Stemming from the Czech Republic; Karolina has been a large part of our marketing team since January 2020 and recruitment and HR processes since July 2020. She transitioned from a student assistant into a full-time position in February 2022 as a Head of People & Culture and Marketing Manager. Karolina recently completed her MA in Economics and Business Administration at Roskilde University (RUC) and still plays an active role in the HR and Marketing departments.

“Working in a small, startup-like company like Stensborg has allowed me to have a real impact on the company’s course and employees’ wellbeing, which is a real passion of mine. The thrill of ever-changing tasks, ongoing innovation, growth possibilities, and always evolving environment drives me and my role within the company forward.”

- Karolína, Stensborg - Head of People & Culture and Marketing Manager

Fueled by road-mapping the next generation of innovators towards opportunity, nothing makes us happier at Stensborg than helping aspiring STEM, and NIL professionals leave their own lasting marks in this landscape and doing so all while ensuring they have the most positive learning experiences along the way. Because to us, Stensborg career opportunities are more than just a job – it is about truly blending meaningful work with passion, independence, and responsibility that propel both individual progression and the Stensborg team as a whole forward.

Even more, it is about watering unique talent, using the innate power of DEI/inclusiveness, and giving those with green industry exposure the ability to learn, grow, and develop in this ever-evolving space with us. If you show initiative, we will provide initiative. Because in the end, everyone passionate about this field has what it takes to instil lasting impacts that society today and future generations can benefit from, and sometimes all it takes is connecting with a brand that values your success, your voice, and fresh innovations just as much as you do to both recognise and capitalise on that.