At Stensborg, we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative solutions possible for our clients. We have created a wide range of solutions, and our cleanroom has been critical in our research and development process.

Image credit: Stensborg A/S

What is a cleanroom?

First invented by physicist Willis Whitfield in 1962, a cleanroom is now an essential part of manufacturing and scientific research. These innovative rooms are designed to control the concentration of airborne particles within a space, ensuring they remain free from pollutants and contaminants from the outside. Cleanrooms can also let users control additional parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

These rooms guarantee that there is no contamination when creating products or chemical solutions, improving the overall quality. As a completely sterile room, cleanrooms can ensure no risk of compromise from outside impurities and that moisture or temperature will not impact the manufacturing process.

How we use our cleanroom

Our cleanroom has become a crucial part of our operations. Our highly skilled team utilises the space to develop new solutions for industrial application, allowing us to ensure our customers can always enjoy the very best products possible.

Utilising the latest technology, our Stensborg cleanroom is where we manufacture our nano imprint lithography (NIL) solutions for our partners and clients for use in communications, energy and medical applications. Being able to control a wide range of parameters guarantees that our expert team can create the perfect environment for volume production.

With over two decades of experience in offering diffractive optical elements, our dedicated team has the knowledge and tools to provide an unrivalled level of quality. Want to find out more about our cleanroom or our innovative range of services? Get in touch with our team today at

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