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Since first established to now, Stensborg has become a fast-rising success in the world of nanotechnology, STEM relations, and offering tailored solutions that make nanoimprint lithography innovation adoption easy. And with company growth still increasing, it ultimately required the executive team to step up their game (yet again) as the future scaling trajectories show no signs of slowing down. The most viable solution to optimise team strength and productivity? Proudly adding renowned senior business professional Christian Bjerrum-Niese to the Stensborg leadership round table.

Image credit: Stensborg A/S

Christian Bjerrum-Niese

Establishing himself and his work on a foundation of integrity, Christian Bjerrum-Niese is a longstanding engineering expert with years of supporting Stensborg before becoming a now partner himself. Coming into the picture with an already firm understanding of Stensborg’s mission, customers, products, and team, Christian has been able to quickly spin up and begin helping the entire brand excel in every relation nearly immediately – an advantage that any company seeking rapid growth can cross-benefit from.

To date, Christian brings with him an extensive background involving the intricacies of customer/partnership networking, STEM business development, and full lifecycle product creation. Even more, doing so all while ensuring that everyone across the pipeline attains positive, constructive, and seamless experiences along the way. This history, along with his passion for innovation, is what inspired Jan Stensborg to officially welcome Christian to the senior management team.

“As a person who’s been involved in the nanotechnology industry and working closely with Stensborg for years prior, I am exceptionally humbled to officially on board and ultimately help Stensborg as a collective excel as it continues to propel forward.”

- Christian Bjerrum-Niese, Stensborg- CEO

Shifting the organisational pyramid to optimise team potential, Jan handed over the CEO title to Christian and has since become the COO of Stensborg to create the ideal partnership dynamic that will accentuate the outputs of these two outstanding technical and business minds. Overall, Jan is known for his intense passion for pushing the envelope on innovating and not just meeting customer expectations but exceeding them every time. With that, Jan remains committed to the business, the Stensborg’s values as COO with a newfound ability to put more focus on these areas as they proceed forward.

Stensborg’s Future – What’s Next?

For the last 20+ years, Stensborg’s mission has remained the same: to continuously grow, innovate, and help cultivate a mutually-beneficial future that both society today and future generations can be proud of. To date, they have done just that, introducing illustrious nanoimprinting products ranging from consumables to the trademarked HoloPrint® uniA6 DT. And you guessed it; it became the catalyst for 0 to 60 growth, evolving Stensborg into a brand with numerous employees and customers with a forecast of breaking new barriers as they proceed to climb.

Luckily, Stensborg’s company growth has been meticulously planned out from the start solidifying sustainable success throughout each progressive stage – all of which led to their current endorsed standing today in the field of STEM and nanotechnology. And now, with the next chapter coming up to bat, the executive team is innovatively armed and ready than ever to continue that fruitful trend.

“Welcoming Christian was an incredible milestone for us here at Stensborg, and one that will significantly help ensure that the future for both us and the society we serve will be nothing but a successful one.””

- Jan Stensborg, Stensborg- COO